difference between attaching document to post and linking?

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    I have noticed that there is a difference between attaching an image or document to a post or just linking to it in the media storage.

    If I just link by copying and pasting the link into the post, it works fine but the image or document shows up as unattached.

    If I actually use the media button whilst creating the post – the image or document is then shown as attached.

    Is this important in some way, either to how the post is found in search engines or general tidiness of the blog code?

    Thanks and Regards

    The blog I need help with is beaufortjazz.wordpress.com.



    Just as a follow-up here – I “attached” a pdf which was stored in the media storage to a post and google appears to have searched and indexed this pdf.

    I know this as I searched on a known phrase within the pdf and google came up with the post.

    I havent had the same results yet when I copy and paste the link (as opposed to attaching).

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