Difference between domain mapping and site redirect?

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    Hi, I went through the support articles about domain mapping as well as site redirect but I still have the confusion that, what’s the main difference and when should one either of them used, I’m looking forward to moving to a self hosted site after some time.

    The articles I read –

    The blog I need help with is processingthelife.wordpress.com.



    Domain mapping replaces processingthelife.wordpress.com. with your-cool-name.com when someone visits your blog – the content displayed is from processingthelife.wordpress.com.

    Site redirect sends a visitor from processingthelife.wordpress.com. to your-new-site.com – the content displayed is from your-new-site.com

    Use domain mapping if you have your site hosted here

    Site redirect if you leave WordPress.COM and want to send visitors to your new site



    Thanks a lot. Information was really helpful. :)



    You be welcome



    Very good explanation, auxclass. Bookmarked!



    I have a follow-up question. Can you reverse them? Clearly, you don’t need to do both, but what if you want to switch?

    I have my own domain and purchased the mapping when I was hosted on wp.com. Now that I’m not hosting there, I want a redirect instead. When I try to buy the upgrade, it tells me I can’t because I purchased the domain mapping on the same account. The domain mapping, however, is expired. I don’t want people to type in my domain and get the old blog …

    What do you suggest?

    I’m also considering just deleting the blog since translated traffic is so low. Everyone goes direct to my domain now, so why pay $13 annually to just keep the old site?



    I don’t think you need to buy the site redirect if you’ve always used your own domain name tanyadennisbooks.com and not the underlying WordPress.com address or for long enough so as not to make a real difference.

    Also, it appears that you haven’t kept the same permalink structure on your self-hosted site as you had on your wp.com site, so the redirect won’t work. See this note at the bottom on the Site Redirect Support doc

    Note: The site redirect upgrade will not work for URLs that do not have the same permalink structure as your posts on WordPress.com.

    If you are still getting some traffic on your old wp.com site, I wouldn’t delete it, but put up an “I’ve moved” sign and try to notify the sites who are using the old site link.

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