Difference between follower & subscriber?

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    I have understood that an subscriber, signs up via the wordpress form for get email updates whenever a new blog post is published.
    (Of course there is the mechanism for editing, which posts changes every single time a change is published, but I never use it.)

    Also if a blog has 10,000 followers within lst 3 months of publishing their blog, I honestly wonder how the person legitimately got it..without furiously liking or commenting on other blogs. (Frankly when I saw that this same blogger ‘Liked’ a post of mine, it annoyed ne. She was just self-promoting to get more guest blog writers and not caring to establish any civil long term virtual blogger sharing.) I wish I could remove her like. (Yes, awful of me. But that’s how I feel.)

    The blog I need help with is cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com.



    There are several different ways that readers can start following your blog. This is what the support documentation states re: followers
    As far as approaching Staff goes, as far as I know they do not monitor all of these threads and take notes on feedback so I suggest you contact Staff directly.

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