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difference between Pro upgrade and

  1. I have no idea of the difference btween the Pro-upgrade and with self hosting

    I have been blogging for about 6 months and want to boost my blogs appearance etc.

    should i buy the upgrade or

    what are the differences?? which is the better option for my blog



    The blog I need help with is

  2. A bundle is simply and package of upgrades that applies to a single blog for a year when it must be renewed. Be aware that there is no upgrade you can purchase from that changes anything at all stated here vs. The Differences

  3. I noticed from your other posts that its not worth going to self-hosting until you hit 1,000-1,500 hits per day??

    I get nowhere near that and have no ideas of how to attract that many visitors.

    I am not sure i even know what plug-ins are either

    any recommendations for a good theme to download with this bundle for a sports/football(soccer) blog?

    any tips warmly received


  4. My advice it cut and dried. Blog for at least 3 - 6 months time and then make a decision about purchasing upgrades or moving to self hosting. Don't purchase any bundle unless you intend to remain at and your need every upgrade included in the bundle.

    any recommendations for a good theme to download with this bundle for a sports/football(soccer) blog?

    There is no premium theme included in the bundle. We cannot upload any third party themes. The only themes we can use are found here > Appearance > Themes Premium themes cannot be exported and used on self hosted blogs if you decide to move to self-hosting.

    I would not purchase a custom design upgrade and spend hours fiddling and tweaking a theme only to find out I want to move to self-hosting and that the upgrade and my time has been wasted.

  5. thanks for the advice

    although i am still fairly in the dark to go self hosted or not



  6. You will find that raincoaster and I provide the same advice - just blog and build community - don't get sucked into purchasing upgrades, fiddling and tweaking themes, and obsessing over stats. The only upgrade you need to purchase, provided you are committed to blogging over the long term is a domain via a domain mapping upgrade.

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  8. cheers

    I do appreciate this

  9. You're welcome.

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