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    My blog is a private one. I checked the private box when I started it. I have been writing pages, not posts to it. I assumed each page was private. But there is an option list in the side bar for each page: private, draft or published. I ticked published by mistake for one of these pages. Does that mean the public can read it?

    I don’t want the public to read any pages of my blog until I’ve finished work on it. Was making the blog a private one enough? Ticking “published” for one of the pages won’t affect it?

    For raincoaster: my blog is hosted on WP.com.



    Go back edit the page and mark it “private”.



    Also note you can password protect your whole blog http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/07/can-i-password-protect-my-whole-blog/



    What I want to know is does making the blog private override the publishing option (of individual pages)? Actually there is a difference between published and private. When I marked published, the page came up in the sidebar of the front page which was useful as I could link to that page from the front page. When it was marked private, I could not see it on the front page. So long as the front page is private, it means nobody can see the pages in the sidebar doesn’t it?

    In other words, there are two layers of control aren’t there? That even if the blog is made public, I can hide the individual pages I want to hide by checking “Private” for them, and if the blog is private, it doesn’t matter what I check in the box – the public can’t read it, right? Although it will make a difference as to whether the page appears in the sidebar or not.

    Also, I have a lot of trouble understanding the difference between Global Dashboard and Dashboard.

    When I go to Global Dashboard, only some pages appear. I think they might have been the ones ticked ‘Published’ though I’m not a 100% sure.

    I have no way of finding the other pages other than to edit one of these pages that appear in the Global dashboard, and then go to Dashboard once that page is opened. That’s the only way I can find “Manage Pages”.

    So does ticking “Publish” mean that these pages will appear in Global Dashboard but still not be visible to the public if the blog has been set on private?



    I am lost about this. Where do you markt hings public and private. I
    have a blogroll and widgets and none fo them appear onthe sidbar!



    uhbliblog: you may want to note that it’s not considered polite to hijack other people’s thread. blogroll & widgets has nothing to do with public & private.

    to have your blogroll appear in your sidebar you need to place the links widget into your sidebar. go to dashboard, select presentation, select widgets. look for the links widget and drag it to your sidebar. then you can see your blogroll in your front page’s sidebar.

    bobtailcat: publish mean everybody can see it on your blog (if your blog is private then of course it’s only visible to ppl you allow to view your blog to). private means only ppl logged into wp.com can read your post but not ppl who are not logged in. draft means nobody can view it except you.

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