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Difference between Top Posts and Most Active?!

  1. themarchingjester


    just looking at my dashboard and I just can't differentiate Top Post and Most Active? What's the bleeding difference? I'm guessing Top Posts are posts that are most frequently visited/read, but why is it different from Most Active?

  2. TOP Post means the top post on your blog ever with the highest number of visitors. Most Active means the current most active post on your blog now. HTH.

  3. themarchingjester

    OH. Now it makes sense. LOL.

    Yup thanks mate. If definitely helped.

  4. Your welcome and I never been called a "mate" before, kind of cool.

  5. themarchingjester

    Haha. That's because you're probably North American or from continental Europe. It's very common in UK and Australia/New Zealand.

    But you already knew that :O

  6. Hi,

    I had the same question in mind -TOP vs. Most Active - not the "mate"-question ;-)
    Now I am more clever then yesterday too, thank you with a deep bow!

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