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Difference between views and visitors

  1. parentyourbusiness

    Thanks for this discussion. I could not figure out why the comments and responses I received outside the blog didn't tie with the number of site visitors. Didn't realize there was a time lag. I guess I'm too used to instant feedback!

  2. jakejackson451

    Curiously the number of country views exceeds the number of visitors on my site. Not sure how that is possible...

  3. Hi Jake, interesting you should mention that, because I have noticed for some time in my stats that the Views number bears no relation to the number from the countries, it is usually more, while the Visitors number is less. I checked just now. Today there are so far 108 Visitors and 228 from the map of countries and 261 Views. So , like yourself I would be interested, to know better how this works out. Thanks for your attention, wp!

  4. stonecoldtruth2011

    I'm still confused. What is the difference between a post and a page? If a visitor visits my blog - - and scrolls down to view all past posts is that one visitor and one view ... or what? Do I have 25+ pages, or 1 page with 25+ posts? If 1 visitor views all posts in the same visit does it count different than if they visit numerous different times and view a different post each time? etc.

  5. I would much like clarification on this, too!

  6. Not entirely sure about this myself. But is it like if you visit the main blog page its a single page count no matter how far you scroll. But clicking on the permanent link of a post is another page count.

    How helpful that is, I'm not sure.

  7. This is a topic of some general interest. Has anyone else noticed in the last couple days (in the stats) that views and visits numbers-ratio now only show on the busiest days? e.g. in the row of columns, my days which are around 50-60% less busy, show the vis/view ratio in colour, but not numbers; above this level, they show both. Till end of last week, they all showed, ever since 3 December when the feature started. I guess this feature is still in process?

    I now understand, re googlegargoyle's entry, that if someone clicks on my Home page and scrolls, this is one page, and therefore a visit. If the same visitor clicks on a recent post - or on the page list of complete posts in my archive - this is a URL, and counts as a view.

    If a visitor finds one of my posts url or pictures url through a search engine and clicks, that is a visit?
    A click through facebook or anything which has my url, or the url of one of my posts, is a visit.
    Reading an email or "reader" notification, without clicking on the blog's url or the post url, does not show up as a visit or a view.

    Tell me please, does clicking on links between my blogs, count as a view or a visit?

  8. @stonecoldtruth - if someone reads all your posts on your homepage in the blogroll, that only counts as one view - your homepage. But if they click each post title and open it, then you'll get additional post views. Say one visitor comes to your site. They view the homepage, (one view), then click through to each of 3 posts to see them on their own pages (three more views) gives you 4 views from one visitor. Does that help at all?

    @janeadamsart - as long as the viewer lands on your actual blog, you have a visitor. If they are reading RSS but don't click into your blog and actually visit your blog (URL), the visit won't register. Clicking on different links within your blog (as in my above example) does count as different views, from the same visitor.

    I hope that helps clear up some of the confusion!

  9. Thanks. Just two things:
    1) When a visitor clicks on links/pictures in my blog, those are views? But those show up to be different from the posts. They are a different count altogether.
    2) the countrys stat is not the same as the visits or views stats. It is somewhere in between.
    3) Why do my visitor/view stats only show the number ratio for the more busy days, and not for the less busy days? For instance, any day which is about 50 or 60% of a peak day, only shows the colour ratio, not the number crunch.

    Thank you very much for all your help.

  10. @janeadamsart: I'm seeing "Views per Visitor" on hover on each of your days since December 3rd. Can you please try clearing your cache and reloading the stats page?

  11. Hey - as soon as I bothered you with it again, the views-visits stats suddenly showed all the numbers since 3 Dec! So that's OK now.
    I just did a quick count of today's so far. Visitors 155. Countries 343. Views 395. Clicks on my blog (pictures) 14
    Why is there a difference between countries and views? I have always noticed it.
    I would like to understand better the posts and the clicks on my blog. The clicks on my pictures are not the same as the posts.
    But many of the views recorded in posts are pictures on the blog - pictures which are in galleries and not inserted into the post. Are these found externally by search engines, or internally by the visitor?
    I don't want to waste your time, but can you give me any idea how it works? It might be nice to know! Thanks.
    Thanks also for the reminder to clear cookies, which I forgot about the last few weeks.

  12. stonecoldtruth2011

    @zandyring Yes that helps. THANKS! and Happy New Year.

  13. @janeadamsart: when the Views by Country total is less than the total number of Views, it means our data provider wasn't able to pinpoint the location to a country for some of your Visitors.

  14. svetlanagrobman

    I just started a new blog (in fact, I'm still building it), and I noticed a difference between my statistics (visitors, page views) and my actual visitors. My statistical data is 1 visitor, 7 view. However, I got 9 likes (9 unique visitors) and 2 followers. What's wrong with my statistical data?

    Svetlana Grobman

    The post I refer to is (weekly challenge: Illumination)
    My blog is located at

  15. Hi there,

    So far, I guess, I understood the difference between visitors and views, sounds actually pretty logical to me.
    BUT during the last hour, my stats say I had 1 visitor and 24 views, but from 5 different countries...??! I don't get it.. How's that even possible?

    Appreciate any help or advise, thnx!!

  16. Hallo - I also notice frequent discrepancies in the views countries visitors ratio. It might be due to the fact that some visits or views don't get recorded as from countries - because my total from countries is usually less than the total of views. Maybe this is where readers use phones etc. I don't know! I can't even try to get my head around the math. I think WP continue to fine-tune things. So I regard my stats as an approximate indicator.

    The visitors count is delayed - we've been told - behind the views count. It takes a few hours or a day for it to stabilize. So you might find at least 5 visits for that time, later on today.

    Always nice to learn a bit more, how it works, however!

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