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Difference between with domain upgrade and - please explain-tx!

  1. heavenlyceleste

    I am trying to understand the difference between..
    1. Using and buying the 10 credits to put your .com blog on a domain
    2. Using and installing the software on the server myself

    I used to have my domain forwarded to my blog but now want it to be hosted on the domain. I now have it hooked up through the "upgrades" section of the .com site but want to fully understand the difference between that and what it is doing (technical terms are ok) and doing it myself with the .org software.

    Thank yoU!

  2. The first thing to look at would be Andy's Post. It shows the major differences. is a host and offers you a free blog using a modified version of WordPress MU. is the place to download the wordpress software that you need to put onto server space on another host.

    The domain mapping is $10/year here and the hosting is free. If you hire another webhost you have to pay the hosting fees.


  3. Remember, getting the domain upgrade changes only the URL of your blog; it does NOT exempt you from any of the constraints against advertising, etc. All the terms that applied before apply afterwards.

  4. heavenlyceleste

    What I don't understand is the difference between .com with the domain upgrade and .org? Is my blog really hosted at or is it just forwarded?

  5. The domain mapping upgrade makes it look like your blog is elsewhere/independent but it's still here with all the constraints and hosting is free.

    With your own host and the free software, your blog and all files are indeed hosted elsewhere and you must pay for hosting.

  6. Trent,

    Thanks for the clear explanation. I think this is confusing for many folks.

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