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Difference in behavior in Nishita.

  1. I've recently modified Nishita to display as 1156px wide (which is different than 'stock') ... Everything looks fine until I click the title of a particular post and then the thing seems to revert to 'stock'. I wonder why the difference in behavior. How can I get the new wide to stick in the 'clicked' view? I hope you know what I'm getting at! Let me know, I have no idea why this happens? D

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oops ... forgot to click the notify me box ... sorry.

  3. Heh, they are tricky, them theme designers. We need to add another selector to one of your rules for single-post pages. Find this selector in your custom CSS
    .layout-photoblog .index-with-sidebar .photo-meta
    and change it to this:
    .layout-photoblog .index-with-sidebar .photo-meta, .layout-photoblog.single .main

  4. I am so sorry ... I thought I was really getting the hang of this the other day ... I'm such a disappointment to you! I put in your code and it doesn't seem to work ... and at the same time I messed something which has made my date, categories, comments box smaller again ... I'm guessing is has something to do with brackets or some such. When you have a minute ... might you check my CSS and tell me where I've goofed? Again, I'm so sorry. I am trying ... jumped into the deep-end-of-the-pool, I suppose.

  5. Whow ... wait ... wait ... it's working! I went back to the beginning and all seems well. Shouldn't have tried it just before dinner! Thanks for your help (once again!). D

  6. Yay, and you are welcome.

  7. Ya ... well, my delight was short-lived. Now, I've got a tough one for you ... one that'll show you just how obsessive I have become. Everything looks perfect in my infinite scroll view ... everything, just as I want it (for now!). When I click on a title and am sent to the single post view ... notice that the box containing the post shifts ever-so-slightly down and to the left ... and that nasty little date,categories,comments box downsizes again! Argh. Why is it that the single view setup isn't coordinated with the infinite scroll setup? Is there perhaps something quite cryptic that I've done with spacing or punctuation in my CSS code? No ... can't be, that would be too easy a fix. Anyway, that's today's challenge! Many thanks again. D

  8. Ah, not obsessive at all.

    For the left shift on the single posts page, add the following to the end of your CSS.

    .layout-photoblog.single .main {
        padding-left: 0;

    For that pesky box at the bottom, add this to the end of your CSS.

    .layout-photoblog.single .photo-meta {
        width: 895px;
  9. I've been working on this for an hour ... in the widgets sidebar, quite a way down there is text for Awards .. and then a few images widgets. There is a really big space between 'Awards' and the first image. I wanted to close that up ... all I could determine is that space is 'text-9.'
    When I look at this with inspector what's the deal with title=shift-click to edit this widget? I didn't for fear of messing something up. I'm guessing once I get the right target, all I've got to do is adjust margins and spacing.
    I'm still having trouble isolating the code in the inspector. Perhaps I should refer to some of the 'basic' CSS stuff that you folks have put out? Anyway ... what's the deal with that big space? Is it related to text-9?

  10. Hello!

    I've provided a brief tutorial on how to increase the margin around your awards.

    I hope it helps!

  11. Wow! pcosta88 I'm over-the-moon to think that you went to so much trouble to do this. I did mange to make the change successfully. Thank you so much. This tracking-down-selectors-thing can be tricky. For example, I don't seem to be able to track a selector for the space between the images of my awards ... what say you to that little issue? Thanks again. I'm gonna save the video ... again, it's so cool to think you went to the trouble. D

  12. Hey there pcosta88, forgive me for being so long in getting back to you after your last helpful youtube posting! I'm really beginning to get the hang of this selector-thing. There still seem to be some labels in my widget area ... for example the 'Search for a popular tag.' When I inspect with Firebug all I can locate is something which seems like the generic code covering all the widget titles (<h4 "class=widget title" and not anything specific, at least not in the right hand 'style' editor column ... something I can work with. Let me know what you think! Also ... take a look at the awards sector ... I think I finally psyched that section out .. with all of your help. Thanks also for the box model document ... I'll look at it in a bit ... a quick look suggested it would be helpful. Thanks again for all of your help and please do let me know about those 'difficult to find widget title selectors.' D

  13. Hello!

    Unfortunately, I cannot get it to change.
    It could be theme related? As in, because of the theme set-up you cannot change individual widget titles without changing them all.
    Hopefully, others will jump in to assist.

  14. In the Nishita theme each widget in your sidebar is an HTML list item with a unique ID. To apply styling to just the tag cloud widget you would use:

    #wp_tag_cloud-2 h4.widget-title {color:#f00;}

    You seem to have managed to edit your image widgets but if you want to consider another approach you can include groups of images inside a text widget rather than adding image widgets one by one. This way the text widget acts as a container for all the images and can make it easier to apply custom styles.

    However, if it ain't broke...

  15. Hey there pcosta88 and halluke ... I did, somehow, come around to trying to use #wp_tag_cloud-2 h4.widget-title (or something like that) as a selector and, it worked. I've got so much to learn ... thank you both for your time and for your willingness to assist in this endeavor. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty taking your valuable time with what are really tweeks ... but they drive me nuts! Thanks again. D

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