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    How can I see the difference between the amount of views in a day and the amount of visitors? Because one visitor can view more posts on my blog.

    The blog I need help with is wiesubags.wordpress.com.



    I have to second wiesubags question (and other similar ones in the Forum). I am very confused by the Blog Stats page and what the given stats actually mean. For example, today my blog has received 19 views. Does this mean my blog was viewed by 19 different people/IPs (ie 19 unique visitors) or does it mean that the home page was viewed 19 times (irrespective of unique visitors). I am also confused by how this relates to the views listed in Top Posts and Pages, which today adds up to 8 views.

    Basically, it would be helpful to receive a little guidance on how to interpret this information.

    Also, I think the answer would be a great add-on to Support’s Topics.

    Thank you!



    I have the same question, so I’m bumping this thread rather than creating a new one. :)



    WordPress stats don’t break down the numbers that way… yet. I’ve found Site Meter to be half decent at keeping track of visits and views, and it only requires putting a little html code in a sidebar text widget.




    I think more information about what the stats *do* mean would be helpful.

    For example, what exactly is a “view?”



    It’s a common question in the forum… if you use the forum’s search feature you’ll find a bunch of threads… try “blog stats” or “views visitors”. And there’s some stuff in the FAQ section:


    But basically “Views today” tracks the times someone comes to your blog, and then the posts they click on. So you can have one visitor who finds your blog and then clicks on thirty posts and you’ll have 31 Views.

    If you want detailed statistics… like where people are coming from, where they’re going, how many unique visitors you have, how many posts they read then you need an outside service like Site Meter. But, unless you’re running a blog getting thousands of hits per day and all that information is vital, the WordPress stats page is better than most.



    Okay, thanks.

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