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Differences between a blog and a forum... Their own advantages.

  1. Differences between a blog and a forum... Their own advantages. Our organization (helping the needy) would like to open a forum in the best place we know: WordPress! We need to have a place where posting ideas is easy and interaction is fun. Should we start a blog choosing the most apt Theme for running a forum?... or is there a theme that suits our purposes best? Which is it? Or, If WordPress is not properly oriented for forums, should we look somewhere else? We need the best! ThankYou... for your ideas...

  2. There no message boards, forums or wikis that you can embed into a free hosted blog.
    You have three free workaround forum options:
    You have these free wiki options

    NOTE: It takes a critical mass of followers to enliven any blog and keep it vibrant. Only a blog with a large active readership base will populate any forum your create on the internet and link to from your blog.

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    Differences between a blog and a forum... Their own advantages

    You can research that on the web all by yourself. I'm not about to rewrite all that here and it's not relevant anyway as we cannot embed forums into our blogs. We can register message boards, forums and wikis online and create custom menus n any theme here and add a custom link into the custom menu to them. How to do that is explained in my post at the first link I posted above.

  4. I'll run the risk!
    I'am 80 years old... respectful and old enough to be able to say, TimeThief: I wish I could steal time! Secondly, You sure look beautiful in the MemberPicture shown... Thirdly: A thousand thanks! 4th: I really appreciate your help. I founded a social-help-the needy foundation and we want to be able to exchange ideas how we can be more effective. I opened a blog that yet i have to work on it...
    Excuse me, my mother's language was (she would be 110 today) spanish. .. so? I gues you are suggesting me to go to those links and investigate? Thank you! (if you are in England... you must be sleeping right now... or are you in the USA? Will wait...

  5. I am in Canada.
    Yes I want you to read what 's at this link
    You may want to register another blog and use the P2 twitter like theme and that's explained in (2) of my post.

    Thank you for the kind compliment on my wrinkles and crow's feet removed gravatar. I am vain and old and I like looking at it too. :)

  6. I THOUGHT I HAD COMMENTED (sorry for caps) yours... 1.- judiciary matters keeps me away from what i like more... Yes, i opened a new blog... and a forum with Boards... But I think will stick with WP! Yesterday i took a nice picture of a flower... and some of yesterday's sunset... I wish i could show'em to you... maybe if you suggest me wich theme I should use as a PhotoGallery I could upload'em! I presume Gravatar is a software that helps physonomy? Taking spirulina (algae from which we all descend...) helps much better! It stays! (I grow it and give away 100% of production to old gents homes!... with my Foundation ¡Vida FELIZ!).. GIVE ME A COUPLE 'O DAYS AND WILL BE BACK WITH MY 'FORUM'... ¡HAPPINESS TO YOU!

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