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Differences between and custom installation search engine features

  1. Hello,

    I've recently moved my blog, which was hosted on for a year, to my own domain with a custom installation of WordPress. One thing I always liked with was that my blog posts would appear in search engines like Google pretty often, and also many times on the first two result pages.

    However, now that I've been posting the first articles on my own domain, I noticed there doesn't seem to be this kind of search engine exposure anymore. I assume this feature is controlled by the corresponding option in the "Privacy" settings, but in both and my own installation, it looks pretty similar.

    Does anyone know if does some advanced stuff so that search engines are getting to my blog more often, and if so, is there some kind of plugin or setting that gets a custom installation of WordPress up to par with that?


  2. You need to give the search engines a chance to spider, pick up, and index the new site. Just cause the content is the same dosent mean you'll just carry on. You need to give around 6weeks for it be fully indexed. Also, your page rating is reset, which means you have to climb the ranks again, which can take even longer.

    Took me near 2 months to fully regain what i lost with google when i moved to self hosting.

  3. gets a lot more google juice, or so that's the impression i got reading forum threads related to this issue. which is why there are bloggers who don't mind the high charges of the vip blogs in

  4. Just in case you haven't turned every stone, so to speak -- getting the attention of search engines

  5. The tag pages help a lot with getting picked up by the search engine spiders. It's one of teh reasons why we always suggest making sure one's posts are categories correctly around here.

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