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Different accounts and sites loading

  1. It seems that everywhere except any computer on my home network will load my blog to the site I want; However, when I direct to url from any other computer or network the site loads completely different. The theme that SHOULD load is Twenty ten. However, from all other computers it loads Twenty Fourteen and none of the pages or menus are set-up.

    Also, when I log into my site via the logon on the bottom of it loads to the dashboard to seemingly just that site (user Mrs. Thompson). Now, when I login to it loads a dashboard for all my blogs (user jennyrant).

    Possible issue. My wordpress account expired for one or two days before I realized that it needed to be renewed. Did that screw something up?

    I set this site up a year ago and I apologize, as I believe I have forgotten how to do anything! WP has worked that good for me over the year.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This post right after me got 34 responses in 39 mates?

  3. Any ideas? I'm losing my mind!

  4. You're not losing your mind;you are in the wrong forum.

    Go to

  5. Hahahahha nice. Thanks!

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