different appearence of flickr widget in themes

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    hello, I have only just started a new blog on wp after a few past attempts (and trying trying to wean myself off lj..).
    I want to display my flickr photos on the side of my main page, and as I was playing around with all the different themes, I noticed, that not all themes show the photos the same way..
    The new Structure theme does what I want to see : the photos in ‘small’ (the bigger alternative) are fully displayed, and the landscape (horizontal) photos are shrunk in a way that makes them align with the other photos.
    I have been looking for a 3 column theme, well, to be able to have the photos AND other widgets on the side, so I did not try it out with all themes, but is there any rule to it ? Obviously it can’t be simply the width of the widget sidebar..?
    Since it’s a new theme, maybe there is some change to the widget, is there any chance this sort of alignment will be possible on other themes, as otherwise ‘Structure’ isn’t exactly my favorite them. (eek! italics..) ?
    Thanks for any input or advice on a neat presentation of flickr pics :)

    The blog I need help with is box2010.wordpress.com.


    We try and have widgets—including the flickr widget—fit as appropriately as possible with each theme’s unique style. I’m not quite sure how many of our themes display the flickr widget exactly like Structure does but it should look good in every one of our themes. If you see in an instance where it doesn’t, let us know (here or by contacting support) and we’ll make sure it does.



    well.. i think it does look ‘good’ when the photos are shrunk and aligned, others might find it more important to have them all in the same size.
    I am still playing around with it.
    I still think it does definitively NOT look good when the black border around the photos is cut by the width of the sidebar on one side. That should be corrected or the option of ‘small’ should not appear on those themes (sorry, played around soo much with it, now can’t recall which themes it was..)

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