Different backgrounds for each page?

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    Just curious – is it possible to have a different background image for each page of your blog? i.e.: main page, about me, contact me, etc.

    I’m trying to see what the CSS selectors are, but have been unsuccessful thus far. Anybody know? I’d appreciate any help.


    The blog I need help with is imaprile.com.



    I’d recommend downloading the Firefox web browser and the Firebug add-on. With this you can easily skip through the current HTML and CSS loaded into a specific page. Currently the pages you have linked in your main navigation can be accessed with their unique body classes listed below. You can even change dynamic pages like the ones automatically generated for categories and tags. And one more just in case you need it, the last example is for altering the monthly archives pages:

    home: body.home
    about: body.page-id-2
    kids: body.page-id-58
    pics: body.page-id-2297
    contact: body.page-id-1551



    @luke: Could you have a look at this too?



    I do use Firefox & I couldn’t live without Firebug, but I guess I just didn’t know where to look to find the body classes. Where do you find them? I learn something new everyday with CSS and I love it!

    Your codes/classes worked! Just another reason why I adore the WP Forums! Thank you sooooo much!

    My blog has a ‘lil flair now. Would appreciate any feedback you had on its design. Thanks again!



    It’s within the opening body tag in the HTML for each page. This is for your about page.

    <body class="page page-id-2 tk-active">



    Your background images are pretty massive so they take a while to load, which is especially noticable once you need to load a new image for each page. Try to find a smaller image that you can tile instead which will reduce load times.


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