Different Graviars for Different Blogs

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    I have a wordpress.com account from which I manage two blogs — http://www.walterwalker.org and http://www.eddiethompson.org.

    I need to create a gravitar for the eddiethompson.org blog (The Fundraising Coach) but I do not want it to appear on the walterwalker.org blog.

    In other words, I was to upload a gravitar that is associate with a particular blog but not with everything published under my account.

    Is that possible?


    The blog I need help with is eddiethompson.org.



    If you want to show a different user gravatar next to each post when you post on the two different blogs, you will need to create a separate user.

    One the one blog where you want a different gravatar to show, you will need to create a new user:


    Use a different email address for the new user you create. You should then always log in as that user when you want to post on this blog and show a different gravatar image. Once you have logged in as the new user you will need to upload a new gravatar image at:


    I hope this helps.

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