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    K I want to change my header images but something has gone awry with the choose file button. It moves down and it untouchable, you can click it if you’re fast but images still wont upload. I think this is a different problem that the other header problem because apparently that one was fixed. AHHHH. Someone fix something!!



    Volunteers on the forum do not have backend access to blogs. Please send a feedback to staff containing as much detail as possible and be patient while awaiting their responses to it. :)
    Details that may be helpful are identifying your operating system and the browser and version number of it that you are using as well as the theme you are using and whether or not you are using the visual rich text editor or have shut it off.
    WordPress usually works well if your are using firefox 2, IE 7 or Opera 9. Safari and IE 6 browsers have issues. Another thing that seems to work for some is force clearing their browser.
    Windows in IE or FF – ctrl F5
    Mac – Cmd-Shift-R in FF
    Still others report that force clearing their browsers and logging out of wordpress and logging in again works for them.
    When it comes to headers another thing that’s important is pre-sizing the image and optimizing it prior to uploading. Cutline requires a 770 pixels x 140 pixels image. Information about optimizing your images is found here http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/08/optimise-your-images/
    If none of these work for you then please be sure to tell staff what you have tried when you send in your feedback.

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