Different icons for different blogs?

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    I know someone who has two blogs on wordpress.com, one personal and one business. They currently both have the same icon and would like them to be different. Is there a way to do that or must only one icon be used across all wordpress.com blogs? The personal one is inappropriate for the business one and is showing up, when, for example, I “follow” the business blog and the photograph associated with the personal blog shows up in my Blogs I Like widget grid view Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is missmaura9999.wordpress.com.



    Depends if you mean their personal icon, ie avatar or the blog icon, ie blavatar/favicon, which shows in the URL bar when you’re looking at the blog.

    Blavatars are changed on the blog’s dashboard under Settings->General.

    Changing the avatar for each blog is technically possible, but it would involve a wait of, say 24 hours, between commenting or posting on each different blog. Easier to say just register a new username and upload whatever avatar you want and invite that one to be an Admin on the blog.


    Thanks raincoaster for your quick response! Yes, I meant the avatar. I’ll copy and paste your reply to this person and they can make up their own mind about what to do. For a while there was no avatar on the business blog, which was fine…but now it’s back.


    Raincoaster, I’m interested to know how to change the avatar with the first method you suggested. This person doesn’t post every day on either blog so waiting 24 hours would not be problematic. They would like to have two different avatars on their two wordpress blogs. Many thanks!



    No, trust me, it’ll be problematic.

    You go to Users->My Profile and change the avatar there. Then you wait 24 hours for it to propagate through the system. THen you make your post or comment, then you switch back. The timing is not exact, and Gravatar might cause this method, which used to work (kind of) to fail. And you will, at some point, forget. Everyone does.


    OK, many thanks.

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