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    Are there any WP themes which allow different pages within a blog to be headed by different images? Or which can limit the image header only to the home page (i.e. leave the sub-pages image-free)? I’ve uploaded an image to my blog (.com, not server-installed), and the image automatically becomes the header for each page in the blog. Instead, I’d like to be able to upload image headers separately for different pages, or failing that, limit the image only to the home page. Does anyone know if this is possible?



    No it is not possible. At wordpress.com you can only have one header that appears on every page.



    . . . . which makes the term “presentation” a joke. I wrote a blog that dealt with the Nazis murdering 3/4 of the Frank family. For the header I downloaded a grim photo of the gate at Auschwitz. It works fine but, unfortunately it also appears at the head of all my humorous blogs as well.


    Being able to have different headers on different pages sounds like a good feature to me. I would suggest you send in the request to staff at http://wordpress.com/support .



    are you sure it’s not possible? i came across this site:
    and this looks to be at least based on a word press theme by chris pearson – and he managed to have a different image for different pages…? perhaps there is a way to edit the css? any ideas anyone?


    That is not a wordpress.com theme. It is self-hosted using the software from wordpress.org. Hosting your own blog gives you lots of options and you can hack the themes to your hearts content, if you have the experience and the time it takes to do it.



    Yes it’s possible on a web hosted site using wordpress.org software like the one you pointed to. Those templates can be hacked to suit but ours cannot. We run on different software ie. wordpress MU multiuser and we cannot edit our underlying templates. We can only make minor appearance changes by css editing the stylesheet. We do not have access to the html and php files. :)

    {wave to tsp} :)


    I have got around this problem by changing to a theme where this is no image in the header – I can customise the colours though – and then insert images into the page text.

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