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    I would like to create a photo gallery on my blog. Could it be possible to have a different link (link to an other website) on each photo in the gallery?
    It’s for a partner page which has to show my partners logos and a link to their website..
    When I choose “add a picture” -> “gallery”, I tried to change “target of link” for each photo, but when I want to save changes, this link is automatically deleted.
    And know, if I click on a photo, I just can see it bigger.

    Is it possible to do something to have a link target from a picture/photo of a gallery which go to an other website??

    Thank you (and sorry for my english, I’m french, I hope you will understand my request. :)


    As far as I know you can’t do this from a gallery. But you could do something like this manually by putting thumbnail images side by side on a page and just put the link URL you want in the – wait for it – Link URL field for each. Here’s a great blogger’s advice on using the image links:


    and here’s the wordpress.com support info about images:




    thank you for your help,
    I already tried this but as I’m putting a lot of company logos (which are all different by their size) on a page, it’s making a very long list.. I was looking for a plugin or a widget to help me to arrange the pictures.



    There is no FTP access to WordPress.com blogs and we can’t install individual plugins. There is no widget that does what you want to do that I’m aware of.



    What absurdoldbird is saying is correct. You can’t use the Gallery feature for doing this. It will completely ignore any link you put in the Link URL field. But what you can do is use thumbnails in a table.

    See here: http://agallerydemo.wordpress.com/parent-page/child-page-1/grandchild-page/

    What I do suggest is resizing your images to an approximate similar size first.

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