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Different look of my blog in different browsers

  1. lienverschooten


    I edited the theme (Benevolence) of my blog untill. It looked fine in Google Chrome; the browser i always use.
    When I open my blog in modzilla firefox a border appaers around my pictures. In Explorer, the same happens but in a different color.
    Moreover, in IE the category widget crosses the border of the wrapper.

    I do not know enough of CSS to find the problem;
    anyone who can help me out?

    (my blog;

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I cannot help you with CSS editing. There is no official Staff support for learning CSS editing and there's very little volunteer support so you will have to be patient while you wait for a volunteer to help you. Have you read this helpful post?

    (1) The border that appears around your images is due to the fact that the images in your posts are linked to the original image file. As both the images in the posts and the original images are the same size you can change that very easily by editing the posts. See 1 & 2 here >

    (2) This is a link to a cross browser compatibility checker that shows you how your CSS editing will display in all browsers

  3. (3) The Firefox Web Developer extension shows you your changes as the browser will apply them and Firebug may also be helpful when CSS editing.
    web developer

  4. Try placing the code below at the bottom of your external CSS. Apart from that I second all of timethief's suggestions. If you change anything else in the future be sure to check out those links.

    img {border-style:none;}<br /> select {width:170px;}


  5. lienverschooten

    Thanks for the very usefull links! I can see immediately that I made some mistakes. I will recheck the code and try to fix with the info behind these links!

    Thanks a lot!

  6. @lienverschooten
    You're welcome and best wishes with your blog.

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