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Different names for different categories

  1. Currently on certain themes, each post is labelled with its author. Some prefer to use their real names, some use their nicknames. I was wondering if different categories could be labelled with different names of the same author.

    For example, if I was writing a post under the "Gadgets" category about a new gadget I recently acquired, I'd like the post to labelled "Posted by Mr.Gadget". Conversely, if I was writing a post under the "Real Life" category aboout how my dog pooped, I'd like it to be labelled "Posted by JohnDoe". If a post were to be in multiple categories, we could perhaps choose which nickname (ie. JohnDoe or Mr.Gadget) we'd like to use for that particular post.

    I realize that it is possible to do this now by having separate accounts linked to one blog. It can get quite cumbersome to have to log in to different, separate accounts just to have different names, and I imagine it'd be a waste of server resources to have one guy with multiple personalities sign up for multiple accounts just so he could post under different names on one single blog.

    For your consideration, please. :)

  2. Not currently. Best bet would be to submit this via feedback as a suggestion.

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