Different number of posts displayed in searches than on front page?

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    I’m blogging at http://misspreservation.com using a Digg 3 column theme. Is it possible to have a different number of posts show up on the front page (say 3) than when a reader clicks a category link that might have many more posts under it than 3? It seems like the categories link takes you to a page that has truncated versions of each post under that category, but even though there’s still lots of room on the page to display the whole list, it only shows three and you have to click through several pages to find all the posts. I’d rather not raise the number of posts on the front page because I tend to have long posts and I don’t like all the scrolling.

    The blog I need help with is misspreservation.com.


    All post pages that show multiple posts are controlled by that setting under settings > reading and there is no way to change it so that it only effects certain pages.


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    The number of posts you set for displaying the front page will also be the number that displays for categories and archives. This is so for all themes at wordpress.com.

    Digg3 does indeed display excerpts in its category pages. Did you know that you can customize those excerpts? I mean, they don’t have to be just the beginning of your posts, but you can write your own introduction or summary of your posts and even include pictures.

    You could use the “more” tag to display a greater number of posts on the home page. It will split your posts so only part of each is visible unless the reader clicks on “read more.”


    Ok, thanks for the hints ya’ll, I’ll especially check into writing summaries for the category pages.


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    Here is a list of the themes which have the excerpt function. I’d switch to a theme that displays them on the front page, but Digg3 is wide and I’d hate to lose the width if I switched.

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