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Different SideBar On Different Page

  1. Is there any simple way to show different side bars on different pages? I would of thought this would be a simple idea of just creating the sidebars being able to be a parent / child or none options?

    Anyone have a work around? To achieve this? Thanks in advance.

  2. It is not possible here at to have different sidebars on each page, although there are a few themes that show no sidebars on single-post pages.

  3. For instance on this web page.

    He has a different archive. I am assuming possibly it was done through php calling for a different side bar on each page? Something possibly in that matter? Thanks for the reply

  4. than click back on home link.

  5. Are you hosted here at If so, can we have a link to your blog?

    You're example is a self-hosted blog where the person has their own web host, domain name, and their own installation of the wordpress software downloaded from Here at you do not have access to the underlying theme or wordpress files so you cannot set up different sidebars on different pages.

  6. If you are self-hosted then you need to inquire over at as we do not have the answers for the software you are using.

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