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    Hi all,

    I just did a little tweaking to my blog and it seems that I have different sized fonts showing on EACH of the 2 pages.

    Would someone take a look and let me know why that is?

    The blog in question:
    is here, and the second page is here.

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    PS: I tried dumping cache already. No joy.



    @m I’m looking at your pages… the font looks the same to me.I’m using Firefox.
    No, no sorry just looked again – you’re right – the first two lines of each post are larger than the rest of the text.

    Going to leave this for someone more versed than I to respond to you. I can’t see any reason for the two font sizes to be on your first page. On your second page from the page source view it looks like you have about 3 different <h> tags but none appear to be around the text in question.


    OK…there should be NO reason for this happening. I checked the source code for both these pages in Notepad, side by side. The code is identical. Is this perhaps some little WP internal glitch?



    If you think this is an internal glitch or “bug” then you’ll need to send in a feedback as volunteers on the forum don’t have backend access.
    On a personal note I also use Pressrow and would absolutely love to be able to reduce the size of the fonts in my blog titles the way you have done (hint, hint).



    e-mail me, and I’ll be more then happy to share the CSS with you


    OK…I went through the page and cleaned up a s**tload of useless tags. Apparently, they were the cause of the problem. All is well in Mudville today!

    Thanks for all the input.


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