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different Tags on different parts of a post ?

  1. hi,
    When I type a long text i'd like to tag (I don't know if it' the right term? my english is so poor) one part in a categorie and an another part with an another tag.
    How can I do ?
    Excuse me if this is allready post elsewhere.

  2. I don't understand,
    I have to type "backticks"my text"backticks" and choose the categorie wich I want too ?
    I did it but it does not work

  3. I'm sorry but I do not understand what you are trying to achieve.
    The category tags you assign to any posts are assigned in the categories box and have nothing to do with the length of the post you make. You can assign as many or as few categories and tags as you want to any post.
    The backticks are used only here in the forum comment boxes on either end of a snippet of code to prevent wordpress programming from stripping code out.
    Could you try to state what it is that you want to achieve please? Maybe then someone will be able to help you.

  4. Emmanuel,

    split your long text into several smaller parts and post them as individual seperate posts. Add "Part 1", "Part 2", "Part 3" to their titles and tag them as you like. Best of all: Create finally a new post (with some introduction or explanatory words) as a post which contains links to all of the split posts. It's like an anchor. Tag it as you like, too.

    Result: Better readability.

    And, NO, you can't tag different parts of ONE large text/post/article ... NOR in different categories. Just to answer your question directly. That concept would even NOT make sense.

    Btw, this is one of the best blogs you can learn how to organize your blog:

    PS: Your English is perfect. Mine sounds like Tarzan ;)

  5. YAY! You found the help you needed. I'm so glad. :) Your description of how to divide the posts was brilliant basman.

  6. thx for the fish, timethief, it's just a payback to community. You helped me, I helped erouillon ;)

    And everything across the oceans and half way around the world ;)

  7. Hello,
    I thank you all for your interest on my problem.
    I really appreciate and will do like basman told.
    I was not clear, so I try again :
    when I write a post and give it 2 tags, all the text will be in the two categories and if the text is log it can be boring to read because one part of this text doesen't concern one of this two tags. Am I clear ?! I don't think so ...

  8. If you do as basman said you will have no problem.
    However if you don't want it to divide your long post into seperate posts, what you can do is just divide this long post into two distinct paragraphs with their headings in bold. You can write a small note at the top of the post, stating that those who have come looking for the xxxx tag please go straight to the second part of the post.

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