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Different URI scheme for blogroll links

  1. I'd like to use a different URI scheme under my blogroll. That is, instead of, I want to use foo:// However, when I input the latter in the 'Address' box and save, WordPress seem to change the address to "http://foo//".

    How can I force WordPress to behave as I want it to?

    (Have a look at, under the "Links" category, and the link "DC development hub", for a live example.)

    Fredrik Ullner

  2. Might help us if you told us what specifically you were trying to do instead of making us guess.

  3. Hmm - worked for me when I tested it at my site. I cleared out the address section and then just put an ftp address and the link on the site worked.
    All I can suggest is to try again and if it fails send in some feedback.

  4. Agreed although some specificially won't work like skype: as they're being specifically removed or modified. That's why i was asking. :)

  5. Oh? I didn't realize WordPress was selecting which URIs to allow or disallow.

    Anyway, the scheme I want to use is "adc://". ["adc://"] (ADC is a protocol in development for the Direct Connect network.)

  6. It's the adc:// that's causing it to fail. I know URIs like ftp:// will work. That's why I was asking.

    Best bet would be to submit a feedback from your dashboard and ask for this to be supported.

    I remember that last time it came up was when we were discussing skype and staff said it was a matter of it not being allowed under the XTML guidelines. That may be why it's not in there now currently.

  7. I'll do that, then.


  8. Not a problem. :)

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