Different Widgets for Different Pages

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    I am using Mystique with WordPress.com.
    1. I would like to have different widgets for different pages. For example, on my home page, i’d like the location widget to be on the right side. But on my products page I’d like the custom menu widget on the right side and the location widget gone. How do I control this?

    2. Also if I need to change my theme, will all the work I’ve done get lost?


    The blog I need help with is kaitfru.wordpress.com.



    Please see > Sidebars and other widget areas: number and position
    “One sidebar left or right, or two sidebars left or right, or two sidebars left & right, plus bottom (four areas): Mystique.”



    Take note of the Page template options you find in the Page Attributes box. Those are your only choices. I’m afraid displaying different widgets on different pages is not possible. Widgets are usually site-wide. That being said, purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing might let you do that if each page template type has its own CSS class. I don’t help with CSS so I’ll flag this and get a CSS answer for you.


    The Custom Design upgrade doesn’t give you the option to display different widgets on different pages, that is something that is coded into a theme and which cannot be changed using CSS.


    Also if I need to change my theme, will all the work I’ve done get lost?

    CSS is theme specific, so if you add CSS and then change themes you would probably need to either start over with the CSS or change most of it.

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