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Different widgets on each page

  1. tashminaconcerts

    Hi I would love to be able to have different widgets on different pages - can this be done? ie set up a widget for a specific page or group of pages rather than all pages? I use the Coraline theme and the site is Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry, this cannot be done at wordpress.COM.

  3. tashminaconcerts

    many thanks - I thought that might be the case but want to make sure. Many thanks for your help - much appreciated
    in similar vein - am I right in thinking I can't use RSS feeds from another website to feed right into an actual page on my site? ie without using widgets?

  4. You are welcome.

    On the RSS in the content area of pages, no you cannot do that. That is one of the tricks sploggers (spam bloggers) use and it is not allowed here.

    You can use RSS widgets in the sidebar though.

  5. tashminaconcerts

    Thanks again - very helpful - I handle differerent clients (musicians) and was trying to find a way to make the feeds pertinent only to that specific artist but never mind!

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