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Different word counts

  1. When I am using the editor I keep an eye on the word count in the lower left of the text area. Then after I post, it takes me to a congratulations page (this seems to be a recent addition...because I didn't see the screen for my first 30 posts) that has a different word count. For my recent post here, it was at least 500 words off, and as many as a thousand. I can't get back to the congrats screen to verify the problem, but it does seem to use two different word-counting methods. I guess this could be a result of extensive use of

     and $latex $ encodings.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I mean't to say

     and $latex $ encodings
  3. well pre with angle brackets is just not working for me right now. You know what I mean. You guys should include that pre is an "allowed markup" in the allowed markup note below.

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