Difficult to Customize your Blog

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    I’m trying to start a Photography and Video blog, and got the Maywood theme as a default. I went on trying to customize it and it took me so long to find how to do it. When I finally did, I had a hard time customizing the blocks. I don’t how to delete columns in block for example, or to transfer one block to another.

    You should make customizing your themes instinctive and easy, like you should be able to drag and drop things around if you want to. Anyway, just a feedback from a user.

    The blog I need help with is rhk111smilitaryandarmspage.wordpress.com.



    Hi @rhk111, we appreciate it. I know they’re definitely trying to make it easier. Clear feedback helps us get there.

    Can you be specific about what you tried, what you expected, and what happened instead?

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