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difficulties logging in to WordPress and writing post

  1. valeriaferreiragarcia

    I started to experience some difficulties to log in to four days ago. I type but the server won't respond. I try it again and again with no success. I use Firefox version 4.0.1. When I try to log in using Internet Explorer the same thing happens: the server won't respond I cannot type my username and password. Then I go back to Firefox, open the History menu of the browser and I select one page of my blog (Site Stats, for example) and then it shows that page and I'm logged in. Another thing: I start writing a post but when I click "Save draft" the server wont respond again. I press F5 to send the request again many times and suddenly the post is saved. The same happens when I try to add a picture to the post. When I try to visit my blog the browser won't display it cause it says the server is not responding. Any help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is a good place to start:

  3. valeriaferreiragarcia

    I have cleaned the cookies and the cache of Firefox but I still have the same troubles when logging in and writing posts.

  4. coppellpianoshop

    I started a blog and found the experience to be very confusing. I address the confusion in my first post.

    Attempts to contact support with questions failed too. When developers place a link to "Contact Support" that leads to a page where there is no direct link to communicate with someone, the meaning I infer is that they really do not want to talk to you. lol. But I did find a link to this forum, and this thread seems to match my topic. has lots of features. Too difficult to use though.

  5. valeriaferreiragarcia

    I never found the blogging experience confusing with WordPress. I found it very intuitive. But the browser won't show the log in page because wordpress servers won't respond to the requisition. I believe the problem relay on the WordPress servers because I get the same trouble when using Firefox or Internet Explorer. I have cleaned the cache and the cookies. Time expires when I try to save a post, etc.

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