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    This is the instructions. I know how to add a widget and an image, but based on the coding, I cannot figure out how to do as it suggests

    1) am not sure my site supports support javascript widgets, such as Blogger, self-hosted WordPress, tumblr, …etc.

    so if option 2 is the way to go

    I am still unsure how to do

    “Go to your Blog’s profile on NetworkedBlogs, click the “Get Widget” link. Copy the text in for Option 1.”


    Can someone speak to me like I was 5 and walk me through literally the process…I know it might sound simple, but I cannot honestly figure it out as I don’t see GET WIDGET

    I see Widget under appearance, but can’t get the coding to download properly


    Thank you in advance


    The blog I need help with is whatsonthelist.net.



    Hey Joanne! What you’re really looking to do is copy & paste the code offered in Option 2 into a Text Widget on your blog.

    Step 1: Copy & Paste

    Select everything inside of Option 2 from the original “Install Your Widget” link.

    Step 2: Login to your WordPress dashboard.

    Step 3: Use the navigation to get to Appearance > Widgets page.

    Step 4: Under the “Available Widgets” section, find the Text widget and drag it into one of your widget areas on the right-hand side of the page.

    Step 5: Ignore the “Title” input field, and paste everything from Step 1 into the main text area.

    Step 6: Hit Save.

    This should get your widget up and running on your blog!




    Have you considered linking your WordPress>COM username to your WordPress>COM blog?


    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I know it might be simple, but I simply could not figure out to do! I will now (hopefully) be able to figure out adding my fave blogs too!

    VERY much appreciated your time and speaking to me like I am 5 again too! :)

    timethief re the Java…at the moment, am trying to keep my site as simple as can be. I honestly don’t understand the JavaScript widgets today and will have to re read again and KNOW it is just me!

    re the linking….it is something I also have been trying to update

    Can I make that a separate question now that my initial problem has been resolved and I will quote your links and reply?
    Cheers! Thank you! Once I hear back, I will update this to resolve and them can continue in trying to get everything updated re linking.

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