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    Hi there,

    I’m hoping somebody can help me increase the font size on my nav menu. I have tried adjusting the font size in (#nav a) but it has had no effect.

    I would also love to remove the black background when I hover over the nav- again, I’ve tried a few things but with no luck. I’m pretty new to CSS so I apologise if this is an irritating question that’s been asked before.

    I am using the Blaskan theme and my blog is http://thenoboblog.wordpress.com/

    Thanks so much in advance, it would be hugely appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is thenoboblog.wordpress.com.


    I see you figured out the text size. Use the following to get rid of the background on hover.

    #nav a:focus, #nav a:hover {
    background: none !important;


    Thank you so much thesacredpath! Hugely appreciate it!

    Even though I’ve tried lots of different font sizes, it doesn’t seem to show up on the preview. Other changes work ok, e.g. I can easily change from bold to normal and it works but I’ve tried so many times to change the font size and it won’t go through. Am I doing something wrong? I am changing ‘font-size’ under ‘#nav a’

    Thank-you so so much!!


    I’m seeing the change on your actual site. The preview can sometimes be finicky. If a change does not show up in preview, force refresh the preview page.

    Also, Blaskan seems a little strange in some respects and sometime requires the judicious application of a hammer as reflected by me having to use the !important attribute on the above change.

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