Diffuculty in coding a Page Jump!

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    Hi There, having a few problems creating a page jump, I have created to page jumps one to direct back to top of page and the other to the bottom of page!

    These are stationary floating buttons I designed and added via 2 separate text arbitrary/ html widgets in the secondary widget area of the Twenty Ten theme template. The one located at the bottom of the page to direct viewers back to the works, but the one located at the top to redirect viewers to bottom just keep take page back to the top!

    The coding I have used for the back to top I resources from online after numerous and I mean numerous hours of googling and it works fine, so I kind of figured, why not have one that say’s back to bottom, but reversing of the coding were needed but instead of saying go top, I replaced it with go to bottom, but this theory does not work as seen below and feel free to check my blog to see what I mean!

    (<img src=”YOUR IMAGE URL HERE” />)

    <img src=”YOUR IMAGE URL HERE” />

    Any feedback or advice will benifit me a gret deal!

    Thanks Markas

    The blog I need help with is eastersdesigns.wordpress.com.



    a) To display code here, you need to enclose it in backticks (see below reply box).

    b) But if you’re talking about published posts or pages, we can see your code. Are you talking about the blog linked to your username or about a different one? Please link to a post or page with the issue in question.

    c) In the meantime check Google’s opinion on the way you’ve tagged your Hello World post:


    My bad, I forgot to bracket the bottom one, yes it is to work on every page within my website as the widgets are on every page, Back to top works, but the back to bottom doesn’t, so I guess you could say I’m 50% there, it could be the coding as the back to bottom was just a theory I had, but would be nice to get it to work!

    As some of my pages are quite extensive!

    Any solutions or feedback will be appreciated!


    (<img src=”YOUR%20IMAGE%20URL%20HERE”>)


    (<img src=”YOUR%20IMAGE%20URL%20HERE”>)



    You are spamdexing ie. you are assigning an excessive number of categories and tags to your posts to get search engine attention. We don’t need to use categories and tags at all. Our content can stand on it’s own as search spiders detect keywords in the text of the posts.

    Worse still, you have assigned categories and tags to the post are not even supported by the text in your post. This does not bode well for you and if you keep that up you can expect search engines to bury your content in the SERPs. See here global tags > missing posts


    I will try posting code for the third time around:

    Back to top code (THE ONE THAT WORKS)

    (<img src=”http://eastersdesigns.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/back-to-the-top-small.png” />)

    Back to bottom code (THE ONE THAT DOES NOT WORK)
    (<img src=”http://eastersdesigns.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/back-to-the-bottom-small.png” />)

    If the code stays here this time, then something must be wrong, but any feedback will be appreciated!



    Re tagging, it’s just as timethief said it.

    Now, re the top/bottom codes:

    Backticks, I wrote, not parentheses. Or, I wrote, link to a page with the issue in question so we can see for ourselves.

    Anyway. The code for a Back to Top image link is this:
    <a href="#" title="Back to Top"><img src="IMAGE URL HERE" /></a>

    You must realize that the job is done by the # sign. The words inside the title attribute are just the words that show up if one hovers over the image. So changing those words won’t change what the link does. If the image is self explanatory, you don’t need the title attribute at all.

    As for a “Back to Bottom” link, first the phrase isn’t logical: must be “Skip to Bottom” or something like that; second, where exactly do you want that link to jump to, the bottom of your content (before the comments) or the bottom of the complete page (after the comments)?


    Hi justpi, thanks for your reply

    I would like the page to jump completely to the bottom of the page.

    any advice will be appreciated!



    <a href="#footer" title="Jump to Bottom"><img src="IMAGE URL HERE" /></a>

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