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    Good evening,

    I’m new at this – site design, even though two quarters of a century have past, since I first started using computers. Was always fortunate to have talented people around to solve IT issues.

    New experience, and think I’m back in the first grade.

    I did spend two hours going over all the posting for the Digg 3 Column Template. Learned enough to see I have my work cut out for me.

    Have several questions about this template, which I can’t seem to resolve, so will address each in sequential postings, after the prior question is resolved. Did not find the answers in the prior postings.

    First, I added a Category, (Be Well – Eat Well) and then put two postings under it.

    Second, Please know that the postings I have made are marked ‘private’. I have several items and Categories I want to address on the ‘blog’, but want to have all my ducks in a row, before the blog goes public.

    Question: Will making the ‘posts’ private interfere with the forum members helping me?

    Follow up Question: The Category ‘Be Well – Eat Well’ is Not Showing, even though “The two postings to that Category” show up when I visit the site from the Dashboard.

    Does the fact that they are ‘private’ prevent the Category from showing.

    If that is the case, can I make the posting’s public, to be sure the ‘Category Shows Up’, then go back and edit the postings to put them back in the ‘private state’, so they don’t show publicly yet. Do not want to make them ‘public’, then find out I can’t change their visibility later.

    Any information on this would be appreciated

    The blog I need help with is eatwellandbuylocally.wordpress.com.


    1. I only see one post on your blog, and that is the “hello world” post. Categories will not show in the sidebar until the post has been published and appears on the blog.

    2. If posts are marked private, they do not appear on the blog so the categories will not show in the categories widget.

    3. Again, if the posts are private, and there is a problem with that post, and we need to look at it in order to figure out what is wrong, it may take quite a bit of back and forth between you and the forum volunteers to figure out what is wrong. There are a number of people here with a lot of experience, so in most cases, if we can get an good understanding of the problem, we should be able to help.

    4 & 5. Private posts are not “published as I said in #2, which means the categories will not show up on the blog. You can see the posts when logged in, but until they go public, the categories will not show up.

    6. There is no need to make them public yet. I assure you that the categories will show up once you publish them. In rare cases, there may be up to an hour delay before the category shows, but that would be rare, and is entirely dependent on server loads because the sidebar information is cached.


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    From my point of view, and you may be experienced enough for this option, if you are asking questions here, it would be best if you did make your blog public with “dummy posts” which you could delete later. Questions you ask will be more accessible, specific, and understandable. Even so, tsp is right about helping you.


    Thank you both.

    I’ll do as you suggested, by making a couple of ‘test’ posts, to be sure things are OK, then remove them.

    If that works, I’ll post my next Question, on the next issue I have.

    One follow up question – is this the proper forum for these types of things, or should they be in ‘Support’?

    Off to work for a while.

    Later, and again ‘Thank You’.



    If they’re hypothetical questions, they should be in Questions. If they’re technical difficulties you’ve encountered, they should be in Support.


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    If you just want a body of text for your practice posts this is easy to use:


    To: Raincoaster,

    Then, I’ll take it that my original post should have been under ‘Support’ for the Digg 3 Column Template. Thank you for that clarification.

    But, since I’m here, and my Question was answered more than adequately. My ‘Public Test Post’ showed up under the appropriate Category.

    I have one final Question: How do I Close this Thread, so other Members don’t think I still need help with it?

    To: 1tess, Thank you for the ‘link’. It will be useful. I appreciated it.



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    Mark “resolved” in the sidebar up top.


    To: 1tess

    Thank you.

    Will do.

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