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    As described in the topic title, I’m using the Digg 3-column template. I have a sticky post consisting of a 5-column table. Each column contains an 88px-wide image, with each td padded 2px.

    Sidebar 2, at the top, consists of 2 text widgets. The first is an uploaded png. It is surrounded by a text-align: center div. The image is margin:0 auto. The image is 145px wide. The second widget is text and another image.

    All this displays correctly when one goes to the base blog. The sidebar also displays correctly when one browses other posts in the archives. However, when one clicks the sticky post title in the archive list, and the sticky post is displayed alone (with its comment form below it) a large blank space appears above the area in which the sidebar widgets would normally be displayed, and the widgets are shifted far down the sidebar.

    Which is the more likely culprit: An overage in the width of my post table? Or an overage in the width of my sidebar images?

    (Oh, and, P.S., I do not have “enhanced” CSS – this is all handled via “inline” CSS in the html placed in the “text” widgets.)



    WordPress.COM URL please starting with the prefix http://




    Further information:

    (1) Using MacOS 10.5.5, problem occurs on Firefox 3 and on Safari

    (2) Just now tested and problem does NOT occur on Opera

    (3) I will NOW test on my Windows machines.

    Due to the results of item 2 above, it is obviously a coding problem on my part, so any advice you offer will no doubt be embarrassing to me.



    Not necessarily: look at it in the HTML editor and see if somehow a bunch of P tags have added themselves; it’s a rare error that sometimes occurs, especially when things have been edited repeatedly.


    The W3C validator says there is a missing ending div tag, but I cannot find it anywhere.



    I’ve tested on my Windows machines and, similar results: it happens in Safari, Firefox and (as would be expected) Chrome; not in Opera or IE. I’ll now recheck HTML again and check back in… (Extra divs and ps? hmmm…)



    Okay! Good detection, there, raincoaster and thesacredpath. Spot on and my bad. The sticky post began with <p style=”text-align:center”> and ended with </div> …and I had intended the <p to be a <div

    Thank you very much…and I will now proceed to close this problem post haste. I hope I may return the favor somehow someday.


    You’re welcome from me.



    And me, although I’m usually too lazy to say so.

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