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    I’m trying to switch from Cutline to Digg 3 Column, but I’m finding that my images in both my sidebar and posts are too wide for Digg 3 Column. When I switch over and try to use both sidebars, the right-hand side bar gets pushed to the bottom of my blog. And I’ve looked around for info on size limits for Digg 3 Column and havent found it…Anyone know by any chance?


    I’m sorry I don’t know and it’s not listed as it’s new. You’ll have to ask staff http://wordpress.com/contact-support/



    No problem…I’ll have to experiment then



    This is all the info there is at the moment:


    ‘Nother BBH theme, albeit more contrasty than most Kubrick clones.



    I’m using Cutline (max width 480 px) and previewed Digg 3. Unless there was some resizing going on behind the scenes, my main column images were fine. No bleeding into the sidebars. My sidebar widgets on the other hand were a mess.



    I have just noticed that one of the sidebars precedes the content. This is not good for search engine friendliness and could easily have been avoided. Just sayin. :) I have calculated that the image max is going to be about 150px max both sides.



    Search engine friendliness? Can you explain that a bit more?



    Well the order in which the content (all of it) arrives on the page is called the source order. It is the general practice among *cough* experienced developers to put the substantive content (that means the posts) first. This is more convenient for folk using screen readers and the like and it is better for SEO. How so? Part of each SE algorithm is to count the occurences of various things (eg keywords and links) within the first n number of words. n is variable but the less clutter beforehand the better. That includes scripts, hmenus and side menus. Some engines also apply relevance tests, where the keywords are calculated as a percentage of content. This calculation is also thrown off course by the sidebars. There is a modest penalty in doing it my way – which is that one additional div is needed for 3 column layouts. But WP is so awash with completely unnecessary presentational markup anyway it makes no difference. :) I quite like this theme for my com blog. But I would not dream of setting up one of my own real sites in that way. HTH . :)


    Do you blog on these topics? I hope so because I’d like to learn about them {hint}. :)



    Excuse the aside: Hey, it’s carocat . Been a while. :)





    The black art of SEO is far too boring to blog about. Not that I know anything anyway. :)



    I had to reduce the images in my main column to 450px before my right hand sidebar would line back up correctly. Seems ok now. And I used 140 px wide images in my sidebar and those are ok too. It’s a nice change from all the white space on cutline.



    @ophilia 1
    Thanks for returning and sharing the image sizes with us. Now this thread can be retrieved from the search box and other bloggers can benefit from your update. Would you please mark this thread “resolved”?
    Thanks again and happy blogging. :)



    @ atthe404: Yes, it sort of helps. Waaay to technical for me, but I get the gist, I think! So basically you’re saying that the first column should be the post regardless what?

    And thanks for your comment, even though you were wrong. ;)

    @ drmike: Thank you and hey. :) I had a lot to sort out and couldn’t justify spending time blogging. Back now and god, have I missed it! Two weeks in and I’m still catching up with posts and developments I’ve missed.

    I guess asking why you’re not a mod any more is not a good thing to do? ;)



    Yes. First column should be the posts regardless. Certain consequences flow from that. According to the W3C spec a floated element must also be first in the source order. Ergo the content needs to float. Jeffrey Zeldman proposed this at alistapart donkeys years ago and Owen Briggs has done a great expo at thenoodleincident. Then by floating within containers in opposite directions I avoid all the IE nonsense that affects contigious floats going the same way. Its pretty neat really.


    I actually am using this theme as well, and noticed that the tagline of my blog title doesn’t show up. Any ideas as to whether there’s anything I can do about this besides switching themes?



    Pasting your tagline into a text widget and displaying it in the sidebar is the usual workaround.





    Hi All,
    i am very satisfied with this theme digg 3 for my wp blog so wanted to extend the same
    to my external site(my own domain) hosted by blue host. but i CANT seem to get my additional pages on top of the header adjecent to HOME and ABOUT page..which i was able to do so in my blog http://www.mysaphr.wordpress.com

    on my own domain i installed theme digg 3 ..please advice if it is a limitation that i cant get my pages above header on sites hosted else where?

    thanks in advance.

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