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    I can reproduce these problems so I’m assuming these are bugs, if I’m wrong someone please correct me.

    1. Click on any of the categories (Please see http://walkingbetween.wordpress.com/category/writing/ for example), the posts shown are all truncated with a […] in the end, even though they don’t have More separator. And what’s more important, none of the posts has a “Read More” link.

    2. This may be similar. Click on any date in Calendar. Please see http://walkingbetween.wordpress.com/2007/09/25/.
    Both posts have a More separator (right after where it cuts off), but because there’s no Read More link, readers can’t tell whether the post ends there, or there are still more. That could potentially be a big problem.

    3. If there are hyperlinks in the shown portion of the text (in either page above), they will not be displayed as links.

    4. If there are bold characters in the shown portion of the text (see Moon Festival post, 2nd post in 2nd link above), they will not be displayed as bold. If you click into it you can see the whole post view has the Happy Moon Festival line as bold.

    Basically all 4 involve pages/views where there are multiple posts.

    5. Do we have ability to modify the URLs of Entries RSS/Comments RSS on the header (so it points to feedburner urls)?

    Thank you for your time.



    i agree,

    i use digg 3 column @ http://www.canopyradio.tv

    i think there could be a lot of improvement made with the way tags and categories are displayed. id rather the posts not be truncated at all, and just display like normal blog posts.

    even moreso, it would be amazing if we could somewhat customize each tag/category display page… for instance display a description or image of what the tag/category is


    Also, you don’t seem to be having this problem, but all my text in the blog portion is showing up as bold except for the text that is in a table. I checked my tagging, and all bold tags are closed approptiately, so I don’t know what’s making this happen. Had to to switch back to something else bc it was killing my eyes. Is there something I’m missing?

    Has anyone submitted a support request for these? I’d love to use this theme, but really can’t till the bugs are worked out…


    1. The […] is the standard recognized symbol indicating there is more to the post, or article than is shown in the summary. Some themes have a “read more” or similar link, and some do not. In both cases, clicking on the title of the post will get you to the entire post.

    2. See #1 above.

    3. Typically in all themes I have investigated, links are not shown in summaries. I have not looked at all of them so I don’t know if there are any that retain links in summaries. Typically you want to person to go to your complete post, and read it, not just click on a link in a summary and bypass your post.

    4. Again, in all themes I have investigated, character formatting (bold, etc.) is not shown in summaries.

    5. This one I’m not sure about.


    …anything on the ‘bold’ issue on the main page? I went back and checked each individual entry, and there is no html-ing on MY end causing it…?


    Your username is not linked to your wordpress.com blog. Is this your blog http://recordedbooks.wordpress.com/ ? I just looked at this blog in Safari 3.0.3 Beta and also in Firefox and I do not see any areas on your main page that are all bold. I do see some selective phrases and sentences that are bold.

    Might I suggest that you link your forum user name in your forum profile to your WordPress.com blog URL so that the staff and volunteers here in the forum can easily get to your blog to help you with problems in the future.

    At the top of the forum page, click on “View your profile” and then click on “Edit”. Enter your WordPress.com blog address in the “website” field and then click “Update Profile.”


    Yeah, for some reason it works fine now. I decided to revert to the old theme for other reasons anyway. thanks, though!

    I will update my profile link too, I suppose. Since I’m maintaining this for my company, it is linked to the company’s webpage.



    I use Digg 3 Column and my text comes up as bold print when I publish posts…but I kind of like it so np here. My posts are indeed truncated when they’re accessed through categories, but readers just have to click on the post title to bring up the entire post.


    I seemed to not have gotten my comment regarding the bold in your posts into my last post here. I looked in Safari 3.0.3 Beta and also in Firefox and both of them only showed select bold on your blog, not all or almost all bold.


    Can’t center H1 heading on a Page. Always left-justifies.



    This is not a “bug” or “glitch”. It’s standard behaviour for the titles on posts and pages on the themes we have here at wp.com and we cannot edit our underlying templates http://faq.wordpress.com/2005/09/27/edit-my-templates/



    I’m trying Digg 3 Column for this blog and I’m seeing “unwelcome” behavior with respect to the custom header image.

    If I were to make a new version of this header and upload it <i>using the same name</i> the new version cannot become “active” — it keeps using the old version. Even if I go into Manage->Uploads and delete the images, it still uses the old one. This is especially puzzling.

    The theme says it’ll use an image 904 X 160, but it appears to crop it by maybe ten pixels all the way around.



    I think what you’ve got is a cache issue. Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, and be sure the new file you’re uploading does NOT have the same issue as the old one.



    Just switched to this theme, and I have to say the truncating of archived posts is really ticking me off.

    My preference would be for entire posts, but at the very least if the […] could be clickable through to the entire post then it would be a great improvement. I realize users can click on the post title, but some of them just don’t get that.


    This is normally the way blog archives are done and they very seldom show the entire post. Each theme is designed by a designer with particular ideas about what they think is good design. Most people would realize there is more and move their mouse around to figure out how to get to it. Give your viewers some credit.

    You can also keep checking out other themes to see what you can find. WordPress sticks with the original designer’s design.



    Not having the […] link to the entire post seems like an oversight on the designer’s part, not an intentional design decision. It’s hurting usability, and tweaking it would not compromise the original design. I know I’m free to try other templates, but I really quite like this one except for the one bug.

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