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digg and other plug-ins on wordpress site blogs?

  1. I just made a blog on the wordpress site. I don't see where I can add plug-ins such as a digg-it button like on wordpress blogs hosted elsewhere. I want to be able to publicize and network the blog but don't want to go to the bother of buying another URL and setting up more hosting.

    What gives? Any ideas?

  2. I guess I shoulda posted the site.. just in case.

  3. You can't use plug ins but there is a a FAQ on adding Digg to your posts

  4. And if neither of those suit you you can use this:

  5. And I wrote up a tutorial for Get social This post is in regards to wpvstp, post
    so If you decide to use the software you'll now how to use it...

    link » How To Use Get Social For (social bookmark bar)

  6. yep use the Get Social tool its the best, and it will bring you plenty of traffic.

  7. thanks guys.. so once installed, do I need to do anything to get my posts registered with those various resources or will they automatically show up there? I took your advice and did the getsocial one

  8. If you do the GetSocial thing, anyone who's a member of those sites can add you. If YOU are a member of those sites, you can add yourself but generally it's of more worth if other people add you instead.

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