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Digg Coding...

  1. Any suggestions for formatting? see where it's ending up?

    Just wondering



  2. I went ahead and deleted the message. should be forced to the left. instead of where it is... not griping or anything... just didn't look too swift. No boggie, will use it the other way... easier to work with.. :-)


  3. Honest answer - I'm still trying to wrap my head around it as well although I haven't tried it yet.

    Please give me a bit to get caught up and I'll take a shot. Have to reread the article as well.

  4. no biggie

  5. it (the iframe) is floated to the right.

    if you're feeling tricky you can add this to your post:

    <table width='57px'><tr><td>

    since the table encloses the floating digg thingy, it can only go as far right as you let it. (the iframe itself is 55px wide)

  6. thanks for the advice! :)

  7. take a look, about as good as it's going to get. :)

    Looks better than it looked before. I can fiddle with it to make it look decent... thanks for the new feature!!! Woot! :)

  8. yep.

    please send in feedback asking them to fix the default styling. using a table is a bad, bad hack.

  9. You young people today with your "tables are bad." In my day we had to code everything into tables. And we had to walk through five miles of...

  10. I think I'm gonna leave 'em alone...they're giving us the feature, I don't wanna tick 'em off. they've been putting up with my Butthole'ness and I don't wanna push it too far. :-D ;)

  11. @drmike

    you had to wade through 50 feet of snow in your underware?


  12. software only gets fixed when there are proper bug reports of what's wrong with it.

    the only reason we're getting a digg button at all is because so many people sent in feedback asking for it.

  13. Most of those folks seem to have been asking for the long string of those social icon - link thingies.

  14. This is cool! But I can not get it to work. When added all that shows is the raw code.

    Does anything need to be changed or added to it?

    I am registered, logged in and have submitted a story.

  15. @sunburntkamel

    You tell 'em! :)

  16. Same here - all I see is the code, like velvethammer does. Is there a time delay or something?

  17. Velvet, I don't see it on your blog make sure that you're entering the code within the Code tab of the editor, not the Visual tab.

  18. velvethammer & peterhgregory --

    The announcement is not very clear, I fear, if you're new to this sort of thing.

    You have login to Digg, submit your article there, get the specific Digg URL for your article AND THEN replace the long Digg URL with that URL for each article.

    You're only keeping the "[digg=]" part as described in the announcement. You have to cut the example URL given and add in your own specific Digg URL for your article.

    Is that clearer?

  19. Ah, on the CODE tab! NOW it is working!!


  20. *giggle*

  21. Thanks all! I forgot that I had submitted the article from another account elsewhere.
    How embarrasing! [blush]
    Just so y'all know I did go through the code tab though. ;)

    Maybe I'll learn from my mistake. lol I will try another and see how it goes. Stay tuned. :=)

  22. Also... it doesn't have to be only one of YOUR articles, you can add the digg button to any articles on digg...

    Example... You see something on that would be nice on your site... just add the digg code with the URL to the story on digg, and when people click the button, they will be taken to the digg article on the site.

    If it's bad blog protocal, is another story. ;)

    see my blog for an example...

    and yes, I am using the table example suggested above. Only down side is, you can't wrap the text around the button... I use the "what you see, is what you get" editor. and it doesn't wrap. Maybe a "digg" button in the editor? *nudge* anyhow... there you go. It is nice to now have digg support like this. I use Digg for all my news stuff, (I also use rojo, RSS feeds and misc... and it's nice to have the button. The small stuff like looks, is really no big deal at all. I'm just happy to have the button. :)


  23. if you're using the WYSIWYG editor-

    after you've entered the table code, and switched back to the visual tab, and click on the [digg=] text. at the bottom of the editor, you'll see
    Path: table » tbody » tr » td
    click on table, and then click the 'align left' button at the top. now your text will wrap.
    if you really want your text to wrap though, you might as well just skip the table method.

  24. @sunburntkamel

    Didn't work. I'll just put the button above the text. the wrapping ain't working. I ended up messing a post up in process.. good thing it wasn't anything important, I would have been highly tweaked! The table and the WYSIWYG editor don't like one another... :-P

    (By the way a BIG thank you for adding the EDIT feature to the forums. Makes us idiots look smarter...LOL!)

  25. Check the FAQ that Mark just posted as a sticky maybe?


  26. Done.

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