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Digg. FAQ walkthrough

  1. Weird.. according to this list was at once time banned from digg (not the individual blogs, the main site)

  2. I think there's a misunderstanding there. if you click through to the source article, isn't banned. It was just an example of a site doing it correctly with subdomains.

  3. Forgot to say that I also took out the http: from the digg story url. :)

  4. Thank you, I've often wondered how this works. Your instructions were easy to follow.

    The digg outline and yellow fill of the button does not show up for me. Is this because of the theme that I am using?

  5. I can see it on your first post but only the first post:

    I'm on Firefox version

  6. Thanks for showing me nosysnoop. There is only one button on the first post.

    I hunted around for digg buttons, and found that they appear as they do on my blog:

    So it may well be my browser (Firefox 1.0.4).

  7. Yeah could be browser. Sometimes on IE one's site can look completely different. Check once in a while on IE if you do anything new on your site. Most people in the world use IE.

  8. Hello !

  9. hello, again!

  10. Good list of "how not to get on the Digg homepage"

  11. Why is it bad to be on the homepage? You get loads of hits right?

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