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Digg/ Social Bookmarking For WordPress Bloggers!! : ) (Please read)

  1. Hello!! I just had this wonderful idea for WordPress. Basically, I was wondering if we could have a digg site for wordpress bloggers or some social networking?? The bloggers can digg other articles from the top bar (the bar where you report other blogs) and the articles can be seen at a site of wordpress.

    Such as wordpress+ digg = wigg. so : ) This would be great and wordpress would be the first blogs to have social networking integrated!! And users can also see which articles are popular based on the number of 'wiggs' and we could have the wigg effect.

    I think it might be hard for WP to code it but maybe WP can start acquiring DIgg or Reddit, like it acquired gravatar. This is just an idea, but I think it would be a really great idea!! What do you think? Please comment!! : ) THX!! : )

  2. I am new at this and having troubles getting Reddit and Digg on my blog that would be wonderful

  3. @corry20,
    If you have a windows based computer.

    Then Get Social will be a great option for you.
    it even works on non wordpress sites.

    Get Social tutorials « Teck~Line

    How To Use Get Social For (social bookmark bar)

    GetSocial Video Tutorial

  4. No.

    Wait till Monday, then google "Buddypress". You won't believe your eyes.

  5. Also, you do know we've got a Digg button here already, right? It's in the FAQs. I like the idea of having the add built into the admin bar, although most social bookmark users already have it integrated into their browsers.

  6. Buddypress is great far

  7. BuddyPress Monday is getting added to

  8. Oops Typo correction

    BuddyPress Monday ? is BuddyPress getting added to ?

  9. only for .org. At least thats how I understood it to be when I signed up for a test blog.

  10. Buddypress is separate from, but it has WPMU style blogs in it. I haven't done anything with mine, alas. Some of the test sites are really impressive, though. I'm working with a nonprofit and really hoping to get Buddypress on there by summer time.

    BuddyPress officially goes beta on Monday.

  11. Which is probably why the mods have been completely absent from the forums for at least the past 13 hours.

    How does one report a mature avatar anyway? (Just sayin'...)

  12. Usually I go to the blog, then click Report as Mature and explain about the avatar there. Staff can see it, they don't need to go to the blog.

  13. blog link.

    And I take it back; mods have been through the forums during the past 13 hours, just not responding to modlook-tagged threads.

  14. Funny. I thought it was a FULL moon this weekend.

  15. if anyones interested in signing up for a free buddypress test account & free blog
    you can do so by following this link >

  16. Woot!!! So are the users finally get a chance to have some sort of social interaction? I hope bp comes to soon : ) THX!!

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