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    My blog switched to the Digg Theme a day or so ago and upon further inspection, since the our staff blog doesn’t have to worry about having alot of pages, we noticed that none of the sub pages show up. Like for Profiles #-L, none of the pages showed up. I quickly switched the theme back to the Roadable lite(sp?) theme that does allow for sub pages to be seen.

    Is the Digg page thing something that isn’t allowed unless you have upgrades, or is it supposed to be like that?



    Money and upgrades are not the issue here. Normally if you put your Pages widget in your sidebar then links to sub-pages ought to display. (I cannot test this for you because the widgets on all of my blogs are currently “immovable”.)

    Also note that wordpress.com and wordpress.org run on different software. When themes that are coded for wordpress.org software are adapted to run on our pw MU wordpress multi-user blogging platform here at wordpress.com not all features are made available to us. If you wish you can download a copy of the original version including all the features from http://wordpress.org and self host or hire a blog host.



    Okay… maybe that wasn’t explained properly on my part. We have like 50+ pages worth of information. To put and sidebar link is like comparing it to our blog roll, its almost, if not the same length.

    Guess we’re not changing themes then.



    50+ pages? Are you sure what you want is a blog, rather than a website? Because those static pages are not going to be included on the search function, just to give you an example. They won’t be counted by Technorati, the blog ranking system.

    If the vast majority of your content is on static pages, a blog might not be the best idea for you.


    Hi guys
    I have the same issue. Redoabel lite is wonderful because of those page-navigation – although I can not use it for my main blog. (font and black colour not suitable). The one I need for my main blog is Digg 3 – and it would be just great great if Small Potatoe would wish to fix that too! He already added the tag lines which was very kind.

    Raincoaster, to do a website is maybe yet too difficult for me and I don’t have the time. To have pages seems to be ok, if only one can navigate them when going to the main pages!


    I was visiting you subpages asphyziata…
    Maybe ”small potatoe” wants to do it even better then Redoable: for instance, the subpages’s titles with small buttons but with a little more clear, bright coloured fonts… Personaly I think the most efficent page button-sort for sub-pages are the ones of the pages on Theme K2-lite…



    Actually the blog seems to be the best with the staff and what I have gotten them used to as to format. We have done the website idea and it was more trouble that what it was supposed to be.

    Theme K-2 lite? I’d have to check it out.

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