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digg this on my blog

  1. i want "digg this" on my blog...when i paste the script in the text box.....this wont work....any other idea?

  2. Scripts aren't allowed here on for security reasons. Check out the FAQ for Javascript (I'd provide the link but I'm rushing to leave the house.)

    There has been a lot of discussion recently about getting social bookmarks on your site. Check out this thread.

  3. Or just use the button described in the FAQ

    Always do a search before asking a question. Odds are it's been asked and answered before.

  4. raincoster

    i want my readers to digg the story frm my blog, i dont wanna display my diggs.

  5. Do you want to have ONLY digg? If a text link to Digg is okay, then this post will help you:
    How to “automatically” generate text links for social bookmarking services for blog posts

    Just choose Digg from the available options.

    If you want an icon link instead, tell me. I will try to figure out a way! :D

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