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    I am using Digg3 for a school website, but the green accents do not match my school colors, and I’d like to replace them with something in the either red or blue if possible. Can I do this? I am vaguely familiar with CSS.

    I also want to remove the calendar from the top of the right sidebar, as I fear it will confuse parents (it’s only a post calendar, not a school calendar). I can’t figure out if this is possible, or how to do it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


    The blog I need help with is rockcreekschool.wordpress.com.



    You can change the green text but the green in the main navigation and the borders around your widgets are images which you’d need to change. Try adding the following CSS rules:

    .sidebar ul li, .obar ul li {background:none;}
    .sidebar ul li h2, .obar ul li h2 {color:#f00;}

    The links to the images for the naviagtion are:




    If you’re using the default set-up you need to go to Appearance > Widgets from your dashboard and drag across only the widgets you want to appear, this will remove all the defaults that are currently appearing now, including the calendar.



    I was going to come and try to find the same solution.

    so for the actual tabs themselves, we would need to edit those two images to make them the color we want, then use custom CSS to pull those over the default?



    You’d need to upload the two images to your media library and then set them with the code below, this assumes your images will be the same size as the originals:

    #menu ul li a {background-image:url("URL-LEFT-IMG");}
    #menu ul li {background-image:url("URL-RIGHT-IMG");}


    Wonderful. I am going to work on this next! I appreciate your help. :)


    Thanks for the input. I haven’t attacked the bg color for the tabs yet, but I have tried EVERYTHING to ditch the calendar. It doesn’t appear in my active widgets, yet it still appears there. I’ve tried dragging it in and then deleting it, and I’ve tried dragging it in and then dragging it to inactive widgets. Nothing seems to work. It’s the first widget that appears, too — I’d even be happy if I could move it down below the links on my sidebar. I just fear that the school parents will be confused, as we do have an online school calendar, but that is not it.



    Do you have any widgets showing in the sidebar area when you look in Appearance > Widgets from your dashboard? If not then the calendar is part of the default widgets. What you need to do is drag across all the widgets that you do want except the calendar widget and save, then it should work.

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