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Diggs 3 theme question

  1. In Diggs 3, how can I increase the size of the text in a blog entry without changing the
    size of any other text, such as in a sidebar?

  2. if you are going to play with your CSS, i would definitely recommend that you become familiar with the sylesheet you're using. Look around it and see what seems to correspond with what you see on the screen. The tools below will help you:

    Firebug for Firefox
    Aardvark for Firefox

  3. in your case, you need to fiddle with the font-size attribute in the .post element

    Check here for more CSS resources:

  4. I did look at the CSS. The related CSS is in .pagewrapper; however, when you change that font-size it changes everything on the page between the header and the footer, which is not what I want. I could add another class, but without having access to the HTML I don't see how I can effect the change.

  5. If you are talking about changing it in one or a few posts only, perhaps this from the FAQ will help:

  6. did you try using the element i gave you?

  7. look for this class in the CSS to change font size for the post texts

    padding: 9px 16px 15px;
    line-height: 18px;
    font-size: 00px;

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