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    So anyway I want to use a ‘digital signature’ when I send in an email (DMCA report, this particular hosting site/ad company allows such a feature)

    Now I just wanted to confirm a few things before I make a fool of myself:

    1. Digital signature is a “signature” of your real signature just on the computer right?
    2. This (scanned sig) needs to be on a site, hosted somewhere…. for example imageshack
    3. The image that includes my signature should include my name (real name)… anything else?
    4. Do i need to write “owner of such and such website” within the sig?
    5. A digital sig is not some sort of code of html is it??

    Thanks for anyone that can answer this :)



    *Oh btw I realize that I made myself look like a fool, asking it here as it probably is a common/obvious thing but I would rather here than when dealing with it later on in email correspondence :P

    Anyone :)?



    Actually, it’s not that common. I have no idea what the answer is. Have you tried looking it up?



    Ah well thanks anyway raincoaster..

    Yeah I looked throughout wordpress forums and wasn’t able to find anything… searching via google in general led me to a lot of “email digital signatures” where you use microsoft outlook or gmail for example to add you name with a bit of code embedded into it to ensure it’s you sending the email….

    I am not sure if that’s what the DMCA guideline thingy meant by “digital signiture” as I also found a few “how to put your signiture from paper to the computer (write it on a piece of paper, scan on scanner, save as adobe, host on imagehost, copy/paste)… but it seems to me that is a bit … strange?

    Anyway, I will wait it out, I have sent the hosts an email already so I will wait for their response…. when the hosts do reply I will write down what they say here about digital images to help others :)


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