direct link to blog on front static page?

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    I have set up my blog with a static arrival page (“Welcome to my website!”) – and at the moment, the only way to access the latest blog posts is via the list in the sidebar.

    Is there anyway I can include a link in my front static page which would take the reader to the current month of blog posts?

    At the moment, I have put “Please visit my blog” at the top of the page – hoping that people will then look at the sidebar – but could I put a link on the word “blog” which would then link to the current month of blog posts?

    I can put a manual link in, of course, and specify a permalink to a specific month – but I need this link to be updated constantly so that it always goes to the current month and doesn’t remain on Oct, for example…

    Is this possible?

    Thank you –


    Yes: you create a BLANK page, title it as you see fit (“Posts” or whatever), and set it as your posts page in Settings>Reading.

    Both your questions (this one as the one lizii answered) are actually covered here:

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