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    Hi! about four months back, i had posted the same query @

    At that point of time, some people provided suggestions to achieve the same but we could not reach to a definite solution.

    Then, I contacted the WordPress support staff for assistance and with their help I was able to achieve the same.

    Since, that topic is now closed, i will share the method here.

    just to be clear here is the ques –

    How do I make my readers subscribe to my blog without the need to hunt for the Subscription Widget on their own?

    Since, the solution requires explanation using images as well, you can view it here –

    Lemme know if you need any guidance.

    The blog I need help with is



    No thank you, it should be left to the reader to subscribe to a blog, no trick’s.



    You misunderstand. This is not a trickl. This is a way to send a link to people so they can subscribe. At present all we have is the blog subscription widget and this addresses what we lacked before.



    Hi! Thanks for putting this article together for everyone.

    So this is essentially a method of redirecting the reader to the subscription widget, which they then click on to subscribe (or fill in their email, etc.)? (I read the article and just want to be sure I understand it correctly!)

    Thanks again!



    No. At present in an email we have to say go to my blog and look in my sidebar and sign up for blog subscriptions to my posts. Why? Because there is no link we can post and say subscribe here > LINK. This gentleman has provided what was missing a link to subscribe directly with.



    I think it’s supposed to bring you to his subscription widget. the “#” in front of the “blog_subscription-(number)” makes it look like a redirect to the widget (like jumping from one point to another point on a page). I may have missed something on his page, though, since I’ve been distracted. I’ll have to reread it.



    Thanks everyone!
    @timethief – Thanks for clarifying the purpose to @dribblingpensioner. :)

    @mmadfan – Yes, you understood it correctly. It is a redirection to the Subscription widget.

    I have confirmed with the WordPress Support Team and this is the closest we can get to ‘direct link’ while using WordPress Email Subscription

    This link can be used in our posts. or can be put up in an email.

    When the link is clicked, the reader will be redirected to the widget
    (so that he doesn’t not have to look for it on his own)

    There he can enter his email address and sign up :)

    This can also be used by those you wish to have a Custom Subscription Image.


    ok, sorry that i did not understand what it was about ( us oldie’s ) i looked at the link a couple of time’s and i think i understand now.

    But i still cannot understand why it’s needed, my subscribe button is at the top of my blog so people can’t miss it or as the OP say’s, ” hunt for the button. “

    If someone click’s my subscribe button that’s them subscribed, someone out-side wordpress has to fill in their email address etc, i don’t see any problem with that. But then maybe i’m missing some thing.

    I’m not saying the re-direct button is no good or anything like that, i just feel i have no need for it, but maybe some blog’s will need the widget.

    I could not say anything bad about it, after all we are both support Arsenal.F.C. :)

    I left a comment.



    ha ha… nice one @dribblingpensioner :)

    The solution i suggested maybe helpful for people who want a custom subscribe button in their posts.

    Or who write really long posts and have many widgets in their sidebar making it very difficult for their reader to locate the subscription widget.

    For your blog, this suggestion is not needed of course. :)

    btw, i noticed your comment on my blog, allow me to help you out on fixing it. :)


    @ genobz, i agree with your comment’s below, i don’t do long post’s :)

    have many widgets in their sidebar making it very difficult for their reader to locate the subscription widget.

    For your blog, this suggestion is not needed of course. :)

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